Welcome to Ms. M's Blog!  Here I'll post interesting thoughts and articles or ask you to share something... sometimes for homework and sometimes for fun. 

Monday's HW is to comment on this blog post with a "tweet" of how you would explain annotating to the Twitter world.  Remember, tweets are 140 characters, use #, and include something substansive in those few words.  If you need a reminder of annotating - review annotating in your notebook or the PowerPoint in Unit 1 under Class Units

You will be graded on:
- the content of your post and its relation to annotating (5)
- the creativity of  word choice in your tweet and think about #, @, etc. (3)
- the clarity of the information you post (2)
            10 pts total

Tomorrow: we begin our Progress Check on W.8: Sources - annotating and evaluating sources!